Some seriously funny shit I have come across

Okay, so this might not be real celeb news, but those of you who check out this site with any regularity know I love funny shit. This site has some pretty wild, funny videos and posts. Among them are the the Darwin awards where we get to learn stupid, funny ways that people die. On the list is a guy who literally died by getting shit on. There are also some killer funny pictures and great videos.

This guy’s entire site is wall-to-wall funny shit. You might say that while I spend my days searching for hot naked celeb pics he spends his day finding crazy, funny and wild stuff to put on his site.  Maybe my favorite thing on the entire site is a video where a fat girl gets on one of those electronic bulls in a club. It takes the help of a bouncer to get her ass up on the bull then she grabs hold and the bull bucks. It only bucks once and she goes ass over tea kettle off that thing not even lasting 1 second. It is almost like she does a headstand on it then falls off. I have seen the video 20 times and I still laugh my ass off every single time.

If you are in the mood for some seriously funny shit give his site a look.

Maria Menounos Pussy Slip

Maria Menounos Pussy

Maria Menounos Pussy

Maria Menounos went to the beach over the holiday and she proved two things. First, she can catch a throw a football. Second, she is fully shaved and has a very nice looking pussy. It appears that maybe her bikini is a little too big on her because her entire pussy slips out the front and half her ass falls out the back. I want to be on record as saying that I want all hot girls to start following her lead. She is an example all girls with hot, tight, shaved pussies should follow when they go to the beach.

Enjoy the rest of the Maria Menounos pussy pictures including some close-ups below and happy New Year.

Candice Swanepoel Nude



Candice Swanepoel decided to get all artsy so she stripped naked, climbed up in a tree and they took pictures of her. I love when they talk models into doing this kind of stuff. They think they are being artistic and edgy, but really it is just guys wanted to see them naked. Still Candice Swanepoel looks great naked so I’m glad she did it.

I also threw in a couple of other pictures of her from her day job as a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model. She looks nearly as good with clothes on as she looks nude.


The Kendra Sex Tape Is Hot

The Kendra Sex Tape was released today and it is pretty damn hot. Kendra looks amazing. Her body is tight, her tits are perfect and she really looks good in it. She seems to really love being naked, and is very sexual and loves to screw. She gets on top and rides this guy until she cums. A lot of celeb sex tapes are pretty lame, but the Kendra sex tape fully delivers.

Here are some screen shots from the Kendra sex tape.

kendra-sextape-6 kendra-sextape-1 kendra-sextape-2 kendra-sextape-3 kendra-sextape-4 kendra-sextape-5


Mindy McCready Sex Tape Is Hot

Mindy McCready has a sex tape. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Mindy McCready is a somewhat successful country singer who got famous fast when the news hit that she may or may not have had an affair with Roger Clemens. She is currently on the new season of Celebrity Rehab and her sex tape just came out. In it, Mindy and her then boyfriend have fun in a hotel. She clearly loves being naked on camera and having him watch her shower and lounge around nude. She also loved to get banged and loves cumming on his dick. The tape is red hot and a must see.

Here are some screenshots from the Mindy McCready sex tape.

Mindy-Mccready-sex-tape-1   Mindy-Mccready-sex-tape-2

Mindy-Mccready-sex-tape-3   Mindy-Mccready-sex-tape-4

Mindy-Mccready-sex-tape-5   Mindy-Mccready-sex-tape-6



Michelle Bombshell McGee naked.

As you may have heard news leaked over the the last few days that Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James has reportedly had an affair recently with a chick named Michelle McGee. She supposedly contacted him about modeling for his motorcycle building company and they ended up banging. She is also a supposed white supremacist and a stripper. While I don’t know if that is true or not, I do know that she is pretty hot and she looks good naked and the naked celeb news is all about that. That is, if you are into girls with a lot of tattoos.

So here you are, Michelle Bombshell McGee naked. Enjoy


michelle-bombshell-naked-1   michelle-bombshell-naked-2   michelle-bombshell-naked-3

michelle-bombshell-naked-4   michelle-bombshell-naked-5


Shauna Sand sex tape

Naked Celeb fun is back in full effect today with the Shauna Sand sex tape. If you don’t know who Shauna Sand is she is a former Playboy Playmate who became and actress and eventually married then divorced actor Lorenzo Lamas. She currently is starring in the reality show Leave It To Lamas. Pretty much all she does these days is hit the beach wearing as little as possible and spend her Ex’s money. But she always makes sure that she looks hot doing it. So now a Shauna Sand sex tape has popped up. Like Paris Hilton before he it just so happened this sex tape was “leaked? just before he show hit the air and after a short “fight? she now signed off on it. Look, the girl is hot and she wants people to see her naked and fucking. And the girl can fuck!


Here are some screen caps from the Shauna Sand sex tape. You can check watch the movie here at the site set up for it.

shawna-sand-ass  shawna-sand-naked

shawna-sand-pussy  shawna-sand-sex-tape


Rihanna gets naked finally.

You knew it was just a matter of time until we saw Rihanna naked. It took a little waiting, but it was well worth the wait. Her ass might just be perfect! These pics were taken by her and supposedly sent to her boyfriend who (I’m sure accidently) leaked them. She looks great and we at the naked celeb news love hot girls taking nude pics of themselves.

Enjoy Rihanna naked. I threw in a hot bikini shot just for the fun of it.

rihanna-naked  rihanna-naked-self-pic

rihanna-nude-pic  rihanna-bikini-pic


Natalie Portman having sex.

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. I know these are fake (or else Natalie is very bad girl behind closed doors) but that doesn’t matter. They look really good and the picture of Natalie about to give a guy head is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. These are from a new site called Celeb Defamer. They feature the hottest celeb fake pictures and movies out there. No more wondering what it would look like to see Natalie Portman fingering her pussy or Elisha Cuthbert getting anal, they have it. If you are into that kind of thing check them out. It’s pretty wild and these things look so real you will be blown away.

Here are the (fake) Natalie Portman sex pics.

natalie portman naked   natalie portman blowjob

  natalie portman facial natalie portman fingering


Heidi Klum gets naked

It is no shock to see Heidi Klum wearing next to nothing. She got famous for modeling lingerie, but still some of these shots show her fully nude including her bare ass. They are shot by a guy named Russell James for a book that you can buy on I guess he is some kind of famous art photographer. I admit I don’t know anything about art. What I do is about is naked celebs and I know a great ass when I see one and Heidi Klum has a great ass. It is that simple.

Here are the Heidi Klum nude pics.

hedi-klum-nude-1  hedi-klum-nude-2

hedi-klum-nude-3  hedi-klum-nude-4