Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Teen mom star Farrah Abraham has released her sex tape. I have to admit, it is pretty hot and she looks good in it. One of the best parts about it is that it delivers some serious hardcore action. Many celeb sex tapes are kind of boring. Farrah Abraham’s sex tape shows her using a toy, naked, sucking cock, getting fucked, squirting and even taking it in the ass. It is pretty freaking wild. She stars in the tape with porn stud James Deen and he really gives it to her hard.

Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-1.jpg 147.8K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-13.jpg 170.6K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-14.jpg 193.3K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-15.jpg 180.6K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-2.jpg 189.6K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-3.jpg 176.8K

Farrah tried at first to play it off like her tape was personal and was getting leaked, but eventually the truth came out and she came clean. Now we know she is doing it for money. I like that. I like a girl who understands that she is famous for a stupid reason and will do what it takes to make money from that fame while she can. Her body is rocking and it is refreshing to see her get naked and fuck instead of trying to “model” or “act” like other reality stars. As you can see by these screen shots. She lets it all hang out.

Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-12.jpg 150.8K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-4.jpg 183.3K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-5.jpg 190.6K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-6.jpg 183.5K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-7.jpg 172.7K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-8.jpg 175.9K

Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-10.jpg 174.0K
Farrah-Abraham-Sex-Tape-Screenshot-11.jpg 150.3K

Watch the full Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Tape here on Vivid’s site.